Is it cliché to start with how much we love cats? And if you are a cat owner, we know you share the same heartfelt sentiment about your pointy eared roommate(s).

We are proud Canadians (some of us may or may not have tattoos of the maple leaf on our bodies), and quite simply, we want our Canadian cats to use nothing but the best Canadian grown nip.

We have grown up with animals, and the bond we have established, along with the many lessons we have learned from our furry friends, has truly transformed our lives. These beautiful, and often misunderstood, creatures offer us unconditional love, offer us their body heat and cuddles, lower our blood pressure, and ensure we know when it is time to get up out of bed and feed them (they are so thoughtful that way). We love our animals (cats and dog).

It is one thing to feed them and give them a place to call home, but there is another level of communication to aspire to having with your cat. By engaging in catnip plant play to tap into their natural instincts as a hunter and mimicking feline pheromones by triggering those receptors, you can enhance your cats mood and encourage hyperactive play time together.

After all, we all deserve a little stimulation in life don’t we? Especially in times like these. From our furry and non-furry family to yours, please be safe and healthy during this pandemic. 

So we say thank you to all of you out there who share in our love of cats, and we hope these Canadian catnip products bring joy into your home.

Jade & Damon