Tips On Choosing The Right Catnip

Is all catnip created equal? With all of these brands, cuts and blends of catnip on the market, the world of catnip can be new and intimidating for a lot of cat lovers. This can leave a lot of questions, including a very important one: where do I start when choosing the right catnip for my kitty? 

Ultimately, all catnip has the same goal and is safe and harmless for your cat. To learn more about the effects of catnip and some interesting facts, check out another one of our previously posted blogs: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Catnip 

Once you decide that catnip is the path you want your cat to explore (great choice, by the way, and we know your cat will agree) I am sure you are wondering which catnip to choose for your cat and why. 

There are various kinds of catnip out there, and depending on the reason why you have decided the need for the catnip, you can choose the right kind to compliment your cat’s life. 

All types of catnip are safe and positive choices for felines but here are a few different types to choose from, each with different pros and cons to help you make the right choice:


Raw Catnip

Using raw, loose, dried catnip is an option. This type of catnip is called cut and sift. A few pinches of this loose catnip sprinkled around the house on cat toys, scratching posts, and in or around play areas let’s your cat enjoy the benefits of catnip in the comfort of their own home and toys. A small amount of dried catnip can go a long way and can be quite potent, so make sure to only sprinkle a small amount for your cat to indulge and get a little silly.  

Take a look at what a few of our options are for raw catnip!


Catnip Oils and Sprays

Catnip essential oils and sprays are usually the more potent option of raw catnip, and avoids making a mess around the home. With increased  potency, this type of catnip  produces an irresistible scent your cat will love. Just spray on cat nap spots, scratching posts, and cat toys for your cat to have some feline fun! 

Sprays allow you the opportunity to transform any area or object into the perfect play space for your kitty to have some well-deserved fun! It’s simple and easy to use, lasts a surprisingly long time and with just a few sprays and your cat will be good to go.  

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Catnip Toys

Catnip toys are the most popular way to administer catnip, there is a wide variety of toys to choose from, and they require no mess. The catnip inside the toys is called tea bag cut catnip and is usually not as potent as catnip spray or raw catnip cut and sift leaf, so if you’re looking for catnip that packs less of a punch , catnip toys may be the way to go. 

Toys filled with catnip have the added bonus of the fact your cat not only gets a new toy to play with, but also gets the buzzing effects of the aroma - now that’s a good deal for kitty! Some cat toys are refillable and come with extra catnip, so the fun never has to end, and it is a great way to increase their exercise and up their playtime regime! If you have a really playful cat who loves their toys this is a great option for you to explore. 

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Every cat is different, so it’s important to experiment with different types of catnip until you find the right fit and right amount for your lovely furry friend. 

It never hurts to do a little research on different brands of catnip, and the best ways to choose the right kind for your cat. We suggest supporting local growers and businesses, because having less of a carbon footprint when choosing your product is always an added bonus. Once your cat becomes introduced to the catnip of their dreams, their life will never be the same!

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