Signs Your Cat Shows She Wants Attention

All cats can show attention-seeking behaviour at times, but these behaviours are most commonly found in cats that don’t receive enough stimulation from the environment at home or are left alone for long periods of time. As humans, we can perceive our kitties to be naughty from these actions and behaviours. However, it’s important to note cats never intend to spite us - it’s just how they try to communicate their feelings.

From knocking things off of tables to intense gazes, these are just some of the signs your cat shows she wants attention. Read on to discover more attention-seeking behaviours of cats when they want the spotlight to themselves!

Cat on bed


Excessive Meowing

Meowing is a kitty’s main method of communicating, and the tones and pitches of meows change depending on what a cat is trying to communicate. If you’re spending time at home focusing on other things instead of your feline friend, you may notice that she’ll start with a quiet but continuous meow that sounds like a newborn’s cry. Then, your kitty will stop meowing and start screeching loud enough that you’ll be running over to find out what’s wrong. You’ll only find her sitting there and looking back at you as if the screech never came from her in the first place.


Bringing Gifts

One way cats try to please their human parents is by bringing presents to them. These gifts include things like stuffed animals, catnip mice, and footwear such as slippers and shoes! This is an especially clever trick pulled by kitties, since the item she picks will make you get up from your chair and walk over to the food dish. Then, she’ll drop the item from her mouth and howl at you until she receives praise from her favourite human.



Sometimes, all it takes for your cat to grab your attention is a stare from her. It sounds simple, but it actually works. Think about all of the times your cat has looked up at you with her cute kitty eyes. You most likely didn’t look away for a while due to the intensity of her stare. You probably stopped what you were doing and gave her all of your attention too.

Cat staring


Knocking Things Over

Cats purposely knock things over when they crave attention. So, your feline friend only uses this strategy when you’re around. If you’re not in the house to see or hear this action, she sees no point in executing this strategy. Smart kitties will find the item you cherish most and slowly push it to the corner of the tabletop, and give you seconds to run over before it falls to the floor. However, if you pay no attention to her when this happens, she’ll knock over the item anyway because she caught your attention in the end.


Inappropriate Scratching

Scratching is natural for cats, as it helps them shed layers from their claws, release energy, and stretch. In addition, cats claw on things to make their mark on these items by releasing pheromones from the glands on their feet. This marking leaves behind information for other cats or even their future selves. However, inappropriate scratching of things like the side of the couch can be destructive. One reason for inappropriate scratching is for attention. When cats learn they can receive a reaction as a result of destructive scratching, they find things like the expensive dining table to scratch.

Cat scratching


Waiting Outside Your Door

If you’re a new cat parent, you may think closing your bedroom door will be the solution to having some peace and quiet. In reality, this isn’t the case. Your furry friend will be scratching, pawing, and even knocking on your door until you open it. This can go on for hours, since all she wants is your attention. Some kitties may run down hallways at intense speeds just to throw themselves into a closed door so their human parent will open it. So, it’s best not to shut your door to prevent your cat from hurting herself and cause damage to your bedroom door.



For cats, there’s nothing better than a cozy snuggle. She knows you love snuggling with her too, but be alerted when her snuggle becomes an aggressive or demanding nudge. It’s a sneaky yet effective way of giving you the impression she wants casual cuddles. What she really wants is for you to give her more attention.



Your cat may show one or all of these signs when she’s begging for your attention. She can keep up these behaviours for hours, so give her your eyes, ears, and love when you can (playing with your feline friend with a toy counts too)! Your kitty will love you for it.

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