How To Use Catnip To Train For Better Behaviour

Although we want the best for our cats, it may not be as easy as we think. Cats can be set in their ways making training them extra hard at times. Catnip is an easy tool to use to  help train the behaviour of your cat making them healthier, happier, and feeling loved. 

Here are a few ways to use catnip to train your cat for better behaviour:

Promoting Exercise

I am sure you have all been told how important physical activity is for your cat, so keeping them in shape is a priority but not always easy if your cat enjoys napping and feasting. Catnip is a good solution to get your cat into a more active routine and lifestyle. 

By sprinkling catnip on toys, buying catnip-filled toys, or sprinkling catnip in certain areas around the house or outside you can encourage your cat to involve themselves in more play and exercise. This will make playtime more exciting and fun for your cat, while ensuring they are getting their exercise. 

Encouraging Introductions To New Environments And Relationships

It’s normal for certain cats to be nervous about venturing outside of their usual day to day environments making it hard for cat owners to introduce changes in their lives. 

Sprinkling catnip in foreign but safe play areas for your cat that will help ease their nerves and familiarize them with the new area. This will hopefully reduce  stress and encourage them to return to play  the next time they enter the same space. This is helpful for cats that are nervous about getting in their carrier to go in the car or to places outside of the house. 

Catnip is useful for cats who are shy and nervous when communicating with other or new cats. Catnip can help them relax, and make them feel more comfortable in situations that are usually tense, like being around other cats. 

Reinforcing Where Your Cat Can Scratch

We all know how cats are about scratching. They have to do it, and it’s not always where we want them to do it. Your favourite chair or couch can become their scratching post. The options are endless for cats as they view your house as their own personal playground.

Rubbing catnip on items you’d like your cat to scratch on can reinforce the likelihood of them sticking to those items for scratching in the future, like on a scratching post. Your furniture will thank you for this later! 


Showing Your Cat Some Extra Love

We all love our feline friends and want them to be happy and feel loved. Feeding them catnip treats is a good way to show some extra love and affection, in addition to reinforcing those good behaviours.

Catnip can help train many areas of your cats behaviour, and still make the experience and transitions enjoyable for your cat. 

Do yourself and your cat a favour, and introduce some catnip in their lives and you’ll see positive changes in no time! 

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