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We love cats. Our cats deserve to have as much fun as we do. That's why we've taken the time to find all of the best catnip products in Canada and put them under one roof.

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Cat Family of the Month: Anubis and Tina

Anubis was dangling from the third story of a condo building in downtown Edmonton when Tina first spotted him. 

She did what any cat lover would do and stood directly under him. It took a few minutes, but he finally released his hold and fell, claws out, into Tina’s arms. 

They have been inseparable ever since.

Tips On Choosing The Right Catnip

Is all catnip created equal? With all of these brands, cuts and blends of catnip on the market, the world of catnip can be new and intimidating for a lot of cat lovers. This can leave a lot of questions, including a very important one: where do I start when choosing the right catnip for my kitty?

How To Use Catnip To Train For Better Behaviour

Although we want the best for our cats, it may not be as easy as we think. Cats can be set in their ways making training them extra hard at times. Catnip is an easy tool to use to  help train the behaviour of your cat making them healthier, happier, and feeling loved. 

How To Stop Your Cat From Scratching Furniture

One scratch on your expensive sofa is one too many, and you’ve had enough of seeing a new pair of scratches every couple of days. So, why do cats scratch and how can you teach your scratchy kitty to stop scratching every piece of furniture she comes into contact with?

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